A poem by David Mantle


If I should never wake to another dawn
Do not take time to weep and mourn
For when you are in need of me
I shall return unendingly.

If I should never heed your call again
Do not dwell upon the silence then
For when you speak from within your heart
We shall no more be apart.

If I should never arrive at our journey's end,
Do not think that the road cannot mend
For when you recall where I once came
I will be there for you again.

If we should never more recklessly kiss
Do not think on what you miss
For when your lips are lost in reflection
I will provide with mutual affection.

If I should not be there to tenderly embrace
Do not let salt streams demean your face
For when solitude is your only friend
I will encircle you by that without end.

If I should never see you more
Do not gaze vainly at the distant shore
For as long as you remember me
I shall exist eternally.

David Mantle