Two Poems By Diana Arseneau


Play It As It Lays

I play it as it lays, she said
I take the things I find
With me you see no mystery
Two eyes with truth behind.

You're not the same as me, I know,
You dance away and hide.
If I'm an open book then you're
All locked away inside.

Play it as it lays
Take them as they come
Just play it as it lays
Don't run, don't run.

I tried to show you how I live,
A world you haven't seen.
But where you are means more to you
Than where you've never been.

I waited years to be your friend
And now we've gone our ways.
Don't look for me to follow you
I play it as it lays.




Call me scattershot
Call me sketch
Gadabout, prancer
Here today, tomorrow gone.

Jack of all trades
Got no master
Wanderer, floater
Ever queen, no one's pawn.

I'll try anything
Come heaven or hell
I can do anything
Just not very well.

Why bother crying
Life's a laugh
Harlequin, joker
Always fresh, keep it breezy.

Skipping lightly
Touching down
Grasshopper, mayfly
Comedy's hard, dying's easy.