A poem by Grace Melinda Serridge


".time it was, oh what a time it was, a time of innocence..."

(from the paul simon and art garfunkel song)

Hearing the sound of the crickets softly chirruping in the tall grass
Transcended my years from four to almost forty...
And I was a little girl again, sleeping warm and cozy
With my collie-dog, Lady, curled up protectively
on the floor beside my bed, in Moultrie, Georgia,
where an owl sang me to sleep from the pine trees at night..

and the smell of corn growing
in the field outside my window
filled me with anticipation of the fresh, hot,
buttery corn-on-the-cob, dripping sweet, yummy juice
as I gobbled it down, greedily rejoicing
and licking my fingers,

then I would reach for a slice of red, ripe watermelon,
that was bigger than the smile of the crescent moon,
suspended in the black velvet sky of 1959.