Crowdfunding: A Heartfelt Thanks

When it was suggested that we start a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the new Gigspanner album, I had no idea that it would prove to be the heart warming experience it was.

During the campaign, observing the percentage creep towards 100% of target, and then beyond, was certainly exciting, but nothing compared to that humbling feeling of knowing that when we asked for help, help was at hand.

A huge thanks to each and everyone of you who supported us. We couldn't have done it without you. That is a fact.

My thanks are of course shared with Roger,Sacha and Debs. The music also thanks you. It's now out there.

The 'Wife of Urban Law' launch tour begins on the 31st of October, and if you catch one of the 26 gigs and feel you would like to make yourself known, please do so. We would love to thank you personally.

Thanks again.

Best wishes,

Peter x

Posted by Peter Knight on October 23rd 2017

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