John Spiers Joins The Gigspanner Big Band

John Spiers is an extraordinary musician, and when we were thrown together at 'Folkeast' Festival, I had no idea that our playing together would lead to such a rich and rewarding partnership.

As well as our duo tours, John had also guested with The Gigspanner Big Band a few times, and it was always in the back of my mind that one day we could ask John to join The Big Band. He is such a great sensitive player, and of course very experienced and aware of what life is like in a Big Band. When I asked John, his response was an immediate 'Yes'. I am so pleased and excited about this.

Since leaving Steeleye at the end of 2013, I have certainly been fortunate in the way my musical endeavours have blossomed. Not down to me really. More down to those around me who care about me. Especially a huge thanks to my wife Deborah. Full of good ideas to keep things, and me, moving in the right direction. 

So there we have it. We now have a six piece Big Band that will be rehearsing new material, and recording this year's November tour for a new CD to be released early next year. 

What could possibly go wrong :)

Best wishes,


Posted by Peter Knight on July 16th 2019

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