Knight & Spiers Tour

John Spiers and myself are about halfway through our first tour together, and all is well.

We share an interest in food, wine and music, and seem to be getting good measures of all three.

The music is just brilliant, and I come away from every gig having played music in the way I like to. Good tunes and lots of room to manoeuvre. John is a great musician, and the way he accompanies and harmonises the tunes with his left hand is different every night, and always unpredictable. He's a fantastic musician to play music with and I am so pleased that we have found ourselves playing together.

Try and get to a gig if you can. I can promise that you will hear two musicians  enjoying the endeavour of pushing those boundaries just a little further.

See you,

All the best for now,


Posted by Peter Knight on March 15th 2018

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