Too Late For Shadows


Too Late For Shadows

Too Late For Shadows' sees Peter departing from the classical overtones of 'Gemini Cadenza' into a personal exploration of multicultural influences. Traditional English, Irish, French, Eastern and even Aboriginal themes have been imbued with Peter's customary inventiveness and unique slant. The album features a balance of improvisation and arrangement, with the added attraction of two traditional pieces that are known and loved by Steeleye Span enthusiasts worldwide. D.W

1. The Lark In The Morning

2. Sharpe Goes Walkabout

3. Powdered Wigs And Fountains

4. The Water Carriers

5. Betsy Bell And Mary Grey

6. Lisinsky

7. Katrina Of Moorpark

8. Too Late For Shadows

9. Moulin Rogue

10. The Lark In The Morning (Reprise)

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