Raynor Winn Private Passions BBC Radio 3

Raynor Winn 

Private Passions BBC Radio 3

Highly recommended listening is this episode of Private Passions featuring our dear friend and SALTLINES collaborator, Raynor Winn.


Ray's choices so perfectly reflected the landscapes that mean so much to her and that she brings so vividly to life through her writing. 

We were touched that she chose two pieces associated with the Gigspanner Big Band....The Salt Song, written by Hannah Martin which features on our SALTLINES album, and The Abbotts Bromley Horn Dance, from Peter and John's album 'Both In A Tune'. 

Both albums are available from this website. 

'Both in a Tune' CD https://www.peterknight.net/shop/category/knight-and-spiers

'Saltlines' Double CD https://www.gigspanner.com/shop/category/gigspanner


Posted by Peter Knight on June 27th 2023

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